Sales Meeting Tuesday May 23rd

Sales Meeting Tuesday May 23rd




Sales Meeting Minutes – Tuesday May 23rd, 2017



Don’t forget!  Today and Thursday at 1:00 – REAL SATISFIED TRAINING – Check Online Office News Feed – Real Satisfied post to register.

Team 21 Meeting this Thursday at 1:00 in lunch room

Techie Thursday – third Thursday of every month – please note we are adding open forum at the end of this session for questions, ideas, best practices etc.

Front end adjustments – Gayle has now taken on the role of “Agent Services” to focus mainly on processing listings, offers and misc. paper work.  Freeing up the front desk to manage the phones, appointments and agent communications.  Chrissy will be working more hours to support this change.

Please note, the Duty Room is being converted to a Client Room to meet demands.  For now, duty agents will have to use computer room until a new duty room is set up.

Market Discussion

Great chat today on current market conditions.  Thanks for your input.  Key takeaways for me were – managing the sellers expectations.  Market has seen a slight leveling off due to an increase in supply and buyer fatigue.  Our sellers need to be made aware of this.  Help them understand the full story.

In obtaining listings – let your track record speak for itself.  Including client testimonials is a great way to gain the confidence of sellers.

Quick Mortgage Update – 2.49 to 2.54 for 5 year fixed.  Be aware that it still taking approximately 2 to 3 weeks for appraisals to take place.

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