Sales Meeting Minutes - Tuesday June 6th, 2017

Sales Meeting Minutes – Tuesday June 6th, 2017

  1. Office Announcements
  • Facebook Private Group – “C21 United Private Group” – please check this out for our meeting minutes, updates, and feel free to use it as a forum to communicate with the Team
  • Summer Pool Party –  at Ainslie and Vanessa’s house –  3:00 Thursday July 20th
  • Dragon Boat Race -it is upon us – this Saturday June 10th at LIttle Lake – THANK YOU to all that have donated to this very worthy cause.  It is not too late to contribute- please see front desk for pledge sheet.
  1. Market Update – Thank you Constantine for the thorough market update.  All information was emailed to you yesterday.  Main message – the market in Peterborough and area is strong!!  You guys had an amazing month.  Congratulations on all of your hard work.
  2. Mortgage Update – Make sure your clients are shopping their mortgage rates
  3. Rural Inspections – there will be a tour this week – details have been emailed to you
  4. Lakers Box tomorrow night  – a month ago we were able to offer tickets to those in attendance that were interested in watching the game from the Flying Colours Box that I bought at an auction.  If you are one of those people – please don’t forget to pick up your tickets from the front desk.

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