May 9th Sales Meeting Minutes

May 9th Sales Meeting Minutes

  1. Office Announcements
  • Past President’s Night – Next Wednesday May 17th – please sign up through DMS
  • Resort Vacation Certificate Lunch and Learn – Tuesday May 9th in Lunch Room – Great session with Lorraine Tillie.  Please see Management for any questions about this program.  Information folders are located in Lunch Room.  Congrats Laurie Bence for winning the Resort Vacation Certificate!!
  • Bomb Bomb Lunch and Learn this Thursday May 11th in the Lunchroom
  • Orea Forms Webinar on Mastering Offer Situations – Wednesday May 12th from 1-2
  • Techie Thursday  – Thursday May 18th – How to optimize your personal website
  • Dragon Boat – need more paddlers – June 10th 2017 – See Vanessa for details
  1. Reminders regarding Front Desk Processes

In an effort to address concerns raised lately regarding front desk activities we would like to make the following suggestions:

  • Consider in listings sending the remarks and overview in an email that the girls can just copy and paste – sometimes handwriting is illegible and will catch spelling mistakes from realtor end
  • Need to remember to communicate all showings booked to front desk as we need record of this as a Brokerage for RECO requirements and to prevent double-booking.
  • In a “Holding Offer” situation-we require the agent to communicate to all interested parties as opposed to front desk.  Sometimes showings that have been booked by agents do not get communicated to front desk which leaves us vulnerable to missing somebody in this process.  We pride ourselves in being full service however this service cannot be handled through the front desk for the above mentioned reasons.
  • Workload during this time of year is always heavy.  We are monitoring the situation.  We realize there is a sense of urgency with all requests.  Priority will be given to offers being typed, as has been done in the past.  Please remember to give them as much lead time as possible.  With listings – those with incomplete paperwork can’t be processed.

To address some of the concerns from the agent group:

  • The front desk will be making an effort to check their work more thoroughly
  • They have agreed to check photos on listings once they are uploaded to MLS –  and make adjustments.  It is helpful if photos submitted could be landscape only.
  • We have also discussed getting agents not in our system to email us to confirm the email addresses.
  1. Training topics of the Week
  • Fintrac Receipt of Funds Form – changes to form were reviewed by Con
  • Wolf Connect – Thank you to Kayla for reviewing these topics
    • How to sign in
    • How to communicate with other Sales Reps re Offer Presentations
    • How to record showings you book
    • How to send an email

Have a great week everyone!

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