Getting Licensed

Getting Licensed

So, you’re thinking of a career in real estate? Congratulations! You’re about to embark on an adventure that will change your life – forever!

Below is information on the education process, including costs (accurate as of June 2017), necessary to obtain your real estate license in Ontario. If you have additional questions, please contact us, we’d be happy to help.

The Salesperson Registration Education Program –

Pre-registration Segment

To become eligible to be registered as a salesperson with the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO), you must successfully complete the following courses:

Real Estate as a Professional Career

Fee $525

This course provides a general overview of the real estate profession and how it interacts with other elements of society. This course is available through classroom instruction, correspondence, and e-Learning.

Salesperson-Land Structures and Real Estate TradingLand, Structures and Real Estate Trading

Fee $545

This course examines detailed statutory requirements, accepted trading practices, and technical requirements concerning representation relationships. This course is available through classroom instruction (60 hours), correspondence, and e-Learning.

Real Estate Transaction General Course Book CoverThe Real Estate Transaction – General + The Residential Real Estate Transaction

Fee $425 – The Real Estate Transaction General and
Fee $425 – The Residential Real Estate Transaction

This course is presented using two textbooks. The Real Estate Transaction–General provides a detailed overview of a real estate transaction, including the forms and clauses used when working with sellers and buyers. The Residential Real Estate Transaction provides an overview on the various types of residential sales, including trends and issues specific to the residential market.

Real Estate Transaction Commercial Course Book coverThe Commercial Real Estate Transaction

Fee $425

This course provides details on the commercial real estate transaction, from listing agreement through to the final sale.

Salesperson-RealPropertyLawReal Property Law

Fee $505

Real Property Law provides students with a clear understanding of legal issues concerning property ownership and in-depth knowledge of a number of legislative acts.

If you’ve made it this far – and completed the courses outlined above…Wow! You’ve made it and can now apply for your license with our office. 

Once you’re licensed, it’s not the end of the road for your education. You’ll need to keep learning….

The Salesperson Registration Education Program – Articling Segment

Once you successfully complete the courses in the Pre-registration Segment and obtain registration with RECO, the Articling Segment begins. During this two-year period, you must complete one elective course.


Salesperson-Principles of AppraisalPrinciples of Appraisal

Fee $505

Principles of Appraisal provides an understanding of valuation theory and is designed to develop registrants’ ability to evaluate property in the course of trading activities.

Salesperson-Principles of Mortgage FinancingPrinciples of Mortgage Financing

Fee $505

Principles of Mortgage Financing explores the mortgage market and provides hands-on exposure to forms, applications, and mortgage calculations.

Salesperson-Principles of Property ManagementPrinciples of Property Management

Fee $505

Principles of Property Management provides students with a comprehension of issues and day-to-day responsibilities faced by property managers.

Salesperson-Real Estate Investment AnalysisReal Estate Investment Analysis

Fee $505

Real Estate Investment Analysis provides students with an understanding of the increasingly sophisticated demands of commercial real estate clients and investors, who demand complex calculations for investment comparisons and valuations. During the course, students are exposed to analytical methodology of comparing cash flows and returns to determine the present value of future benefits.

The Broker Registration Education Program

A salesperson may make application to RECO for registration as a broker by successfully completing The Salesperson Registration Education Program (Pre-registration and Articling Segments) plus an additional elective course from the Articling Segment followed by the Real Estate Broker Course. (Individuals who have not taken Phase 3 Commercial must take The Commercial Real Estate Transaction as the additional Elective course.)

The Real Estate Broker CourseThe Real Estate Broker Course

Fee $925 

This course covers the establishment, operation and management of a real estate brokerage.