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Sales Meeting Minutes April 18, 2017

Office Announcements

  • Techie Thursday – this week covering Real Satisfied basics and general questions and answers
  • Staging Lunch and Learn Monday April 24th in lunch room at noon
  • Enriched Academy Lunch and Learn May 3rd in lunch room at noon
  • Bomb Bomb lunch and learn Thursday May 11th in lunch room at noon
  • Dragon Boat – we need paddlers – please see Vanessa to join our team!
  • Coming soon signs – Please refrain from using these signs
  • Fintrac forms have been updated so if you have any old ones, please recycle and use new ones
  • SURPRISE retirement party for Terry Keating (EXAMINER) at the Junction on May 19th

Training topic of the week – Business Plan

Please see Vanessa for details on a simple business plan – remember

In a 25 year Harvard study with 1,600 businesses:

84% had no written or verbal business plan, 13% had verbal goals only, 3% had a written business plan.

98% of the wealth created was by the 3% that had a plan.  Be that 3%!!

Tuesday April 4th Sales Meeting

  1. Office Announcements
    • Call Night April 4 at 6:30 p.m.
    • Easter Seals Telethon this Sunday April 9th at 3 to 4 pm.
    • April 24th Staging Lunch and Learn
    • Mystery Tour April 27th
    • Crystal and Paul’s Jack and Jill $10 per ticket – please see Gayle
    • May 3rd Lunch and Learn – Enriched Academy
    • Directional Signs to be removed when listing is sold – good time of year to do this
    • Coming Soon signs- discussion – please don’t use these signs.
    • Summer Party – it was decided through feedback from the group that we will hold the party at my (Vanessa’s) house – Thursday July 20th – POOL PARTY!!!
  1. Market Update – Thank you Con for a thorough update on todays market.  Con’s stats have been mailed to everyone.
  2. Mortgage Update-auto appraising is happening less and less.  You could be looking at about 10 days for an appraisal as they are very busy at this time.  5 year fixed rates 2.59% and variable 2.05%

Have a great rest of your week everyone!

Sales Meeting Minutes Tuesday March 28th 2017

Sales Meeting Minutes – Tuesday March 28th, 2017

We covered a lot in today’s meeting.  Thank you to all that could make it out.

Sales Meeting MinutesTuesday March 28th

  1. Office Announcements
  • Special Edition Techie Thursday this Thursday at 1:00– Facebook for beginners
    • How to post
    • How to share articles
    • How to do status updates…and much more.  Bring your laptop and your questions!
  • Call Night – Tuesday April 4 6:30 – Pizza provided!
    • Bring your database, cell phone and get ready to prospect
    • Doug and I will be on hand to help out with CASL compliancy
  • Judith Carson Staging Lunch and Learn 12 noon Monday April 24th
  • Mystery Tour – Please sign up today for our April 27th tour
  • Enriched Academy Lunch and Learn – Looking to improve your savings and investment strategies? Come to this event at 12 noon Wednesday May 3rd
  • Dragon Boat Race – June 10th
  • Real Satisfied – Delay – should be end of April now
  • Air Miles Logos – reminder to remove from Websites and all marketing materials
  • Gayle is selling tickets for Paul and Crystals Jack and Jill – Saturday April 29th – $10 each
  1. Quick fact – regarding CMA’s

Did you know – when creating a CMA for a client, you can’t include comparables of homes that have sold but not closed yet.  This is in violation of the Privacy Act and Reco.  As well, it is not a fact until it is sold.

  1. Doug discussed a great idea to use when working with clients that are looking for a home in a specific area or on a specific street.  Take the clients on a drive and get them to show you homes they would be interested in pursuing.  Then, take a picture of the client(s) and go back to the office to prepare your door knocking list and “fake” offers for each of the houses they are potentially interested in.  Don’t fill in the price or have your clients sign the offer.  Then go visit each house and speak to the homeowner explaining that you have clients (show picture) interested in their house and would they ever consider selling.
  1. Training topic of the week – Facebook Post Boosts – Andrew McCrea

Thank you Andrew for a great presentation on how to boost Facebook posts.

Please find Andrew’s presentation attached:

Thanks and have a great week everyone.

Tuesday March 21st Sales Meeting

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

Henry Ford

Spring is finally here!!!


PKAR ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – Wednesday April 5th, 2017

Personal Real Estate Corporations:

Bill 104, the Tax Fairness for Realtors Act, 2017 is being reintroduced.  If the bill is passed, it will allow Ontario Realtors to form personal real estate corporations.  To support this bill, visit the OREA campaign website below:

Thank you Barb for the updates!


Mystery Tour!  Mark your calendars – Thursday April 27th starting at noon.  Please note that for any listings you get starting now, $25 will go towards your cost of the tour. Good luck!!

Century 21 Canada Conference

– September 18 – 20, 2017

– Quebec City

– Costs before March 31st – $595 plus tax

– Costs after March 31st – $695 plus tax

Facebook for beginners class – Thursday March 30th at 1:00 in the lunchroom – come on out and bring your questions  to this special edition Techie Thursday

Career Cafe this Saturday March 25th at 10am – if you know of anyone thinking about getting into the business, please let Doug or myself know and we will send them an invitation.


There was a discussion at the meeting that suggested Firefighters are not able to fight fires started by these panels or on houses that have solar panels.  We have spoken to a local firefighter that says that is not true.  They definitely will fight fires in these types of houses.

Training Topic of the Week:  MARKETING THE LISTING

•    Door-knock the neighbourhood around the house
•    Open House Invitations – personal drop off
•    Just Listed Cards
•    Share from your website to Social Media sites
•    Ideas to incorporate video
•    Call anyone in your sphere that lives in the area to keep them informed
•    Email your sphere with a feature sheet from Online Office to let them know about your listing

Remember, your database is your business” #1 asset – make sure you are using it.

Challenge ideas:

Try any one of the above-mentioned ideas that you aren’t currently doing or haven’t done in a while


Thanks and have a great week everyone!!

Sales Meeting Tuesday March 7th, 2017

“Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.”

Babe Ruth



Today’s meeting included some very informative discussion around how to handle multiple offer situations. Please refer to Monday March 6th’s email for a summary on how to handle these situations.

As a reminder, please either have Form 801 completed when handling multiple offers on your listing or remember to hand in all failed offers involved so we have them for our records.

It can be difficult to navigate these situations at times.  Please use this information as a guide but don’t hesitate to come to the Management Team to clarify anything or to address new situations.  That is what we are here for.

As well, Constantine went over our February stats in detail.   You received these on March 3rd from Con.  Great information for us to use to educate not only ourselves but our clients.  We will be including some of these stats on our Century 21 United Facebook page.  Please feel free to like and share.

Have a great rest of the week everyone.



Sales Meeting Tuesday February 28th – Meeting Minutes


Office Updates

Unfortunately, we have to put an end to cash deposits.  Please advise your clients.  For those who do not have cheques, some suggestions would be e-transfers and money orders.

Real Satisfied launches March 1st!  Stay tuned for more details.

Bomb bomb – for those interested in learning more about video marketing, please let me know.

Mini Update from Land Planning session.

Central Area Community Improvement Plan (CIP)

The purpose of the Central Area CIP is to provide financial incentives to stimulate private sector investment and revitalization of the Central Area. The CIP contains grant programs meant to help improve the appearance and the structure of commercial buildings, encourage the conversion of upper floor space for residential use, and stimulate the environmental clean-up and redevelopment of older abandoned industrial and commercial sites that may be contaminated.

Please find brochure here:

Our Century 21 Canada Awards were distributed today.  Thank you to all recipients.  Job well done!!

Training Topic of the Week – Protecting your commissions – highlights

The 4 A’s of protecting commissions:

Awareness – be aware of your worth

Ability to address the problem – know what you’re worth, know what to say, objection handling

Analyze your profitability – know your costs

Assess your worth

Mutual lowering – drop commission by 15% should result in the seller dropping their price by 15%

Mutual increase – if seller is hesitant to pay the full commission, suggest they increase their price by the same percentage point and that will cover the discrepancy

There will be a rural tour this week!!

Have a great week everyone!

Sales Meeting February 21st, 2017

Congratulations to Doug on 21 years of service with Century 21!!   

Office Updates

  • Please make note of our Company Facebook page – and like, share, invite to like your friends – let’s extend our reach
  • Docusign – I am running a second training session this Friday at 11am for those that missed last weeks session
  • Team 21 – In the process of reviewing the neighbourhood information – thank you Josh for doing this.  Should be ready to go in the next few days.

The Listing Presentation

  • Doug reviewed the Century 21 LIsting Presentation which is available to everyone through Online Office
  • can be presented digitally or printed – whatever suits yourself and your client
  • Doug reviewed how to edit the presentation in Power Point
  • if you make changes to the Presentation, saving it with the “pps” extension versus “ppt” will allow you to go right to the presentation mode at presentation time

PKAR Update

  • Starting March 1st, form 244 – Sellers Direction for Holding Offers – must be signed and uploaded to the documents section for all listings holding offers; as well, include information on banner and in realtor remarks section
  • PKAR Annual General Meeting to be held Wednesday April 5th at 9am – a 1 hour session follows immediately after on the new Geowarehouse

Have a great week everyone!

Sales Meeting Minutes Tuesday February 14th, 2017


You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow.

Office Announcements:

Century 21 Awards Gala – next Wednesday February 22nd – Who’s in??

Rotary Carl Oake Swimathon is happening this Friday February 17th!  31st year – Go Team!

Chairman’s Circle Update:

Real satisfied update

Pilot project with 8 selected offices from across Canada – from Feb. 16 to beginning of March; then rest of Chairmans Circle then remainder.  We should have it running first week of March

This will replace our existing surveys.

Purpose of these customer service surveys – reinforce a recommendation – we will need to prepare client that it is coming and get them to fill it out

Share on social media – everywhere.

Bomb Bomb

Every office has been given 1 account;

Discount has been offered – 21% of for all C21 system members – $468 US – about $612 CDN

Linked In

Who has it?

If you don’t have it, you should get it – of all social media platforms, this is one of the most important

Update your profile regularly – talk about your services

Add testimonials

Should be posting ideally 3 to 4 times per week – your business, market info, industry info


Let’s help each other by sharing each others posts regarding new listings particularly – if we all do this we will extend our reach significantly

The CMA – Doug

Because of today’s fast-paced market, a 1-step CMA may be the best alternative

In order to do this we need to:

  • pre-qualify really well
  • get as much information about the property as possible – improvements, what do they like, don’t like about the property
  • motivation of seller
  • timing of move

Then, do 3 CMA’s – 1st reflecting what you expect to find at the property, 2nd reflecting worse case scenario and 3rd case scenario will cover the situation where you find the house is better than you expected

Once at the appointment, after you’ve had a chance to inspect the property, pick the CMA that best suits the property.

For a more detailed review of how to do a CMA please attend Techie Thursday this week.

Sales Meeting Tuesday January 31st, 2017

Success is being in charge of your lifestyle and creating something you are proud of, surrounded by people you love. – Troye Sivan

Where the heck did January go?  Hope everyone had a great month.

Rural Inspection Update:

New borders – north and south of Sherbrooke Street, we still would like to see a minimum of 3, deadline to let front desk know is Wednesday at noon.

Pillar to Post Session this Thursday February 2nd at 1:00 in training room – how to age a house

Awards Gala Wednesday February 22nd in Markham – invitation sent out today.  Please RSVP by Friday February 10th.

T4A’s have been put in your box.  Please don’t lose them as there will be a $25 charge to reproduce them.

Way to go!  

Stacey Langman and Josh Collins both were recognized today for outstanding Quality Service Surveys. Nice job!

Lead Gen January Continues!

Doug share with us some Online Office tools to improve our prospecting activities.

Auto Responder

This is a great tool to set up for your email.  Everyone that sends you an email will be notified of your status when turned on.  Perhaps you are currently with clients showing property and unavailable to respond.  Simply set up the responder to let people know you are busy and that you will get back to them when you are free. Or you can leave a standing message stating that you may be busy with clients and that if they would like to contact you via your mobile device they likely will get a quicker response.  Keep in mind, your success with leads is 300x worse if you wait 30 minutes to get back to them and 3,000 times worse if you wait 5 hours.

Marketing Centre

Doug also showed us how to set up an email campaign to be sent to your cients or prospects, or both. There are many options for this in the marketing centre, including sending out National Holiday cards with beautiful graphics.  It reminds people you are still in the business.  This combined with more personal contact can be very effective.

Notes about Handing in Listings

Please, when handing in listings, make sure you hand in all photos at once.  It will make the front desks job much easier. As well, photos should be landscape, not portrait and a resolution of 1600 x 1024 minimum.

If handing in Exclusive listings that eventually will be MLS, please let the front desk know as they will process it differently.

Congratulations to our award winner for the last 1/4 of 2016 that met a minimum $50,000 gross closed commissions or unit sales:

  • Adrian Johnson
  • Anna Lisa Ferreri
  • Ben VanVeen
  • Bill Smith
  • Brandon Timmins
  • Cole Murray
  • Crystal Edwards
  • Dave Griffin
  • Dean Bridges
  • Donna O’Shaughnessy
  • Garry Otten
  • Jane Campbell
  • Jason Blondin
  • Jessica Yates
  • Jo Anne Dean
  • John Walsh
  • Josh Collins
  • Julie Whiteman
  • Karl Schmitke
  • Krista Costa
  • Laurie Bence
  • Lynn McCabe
  • Randy Ross
  • Robert Caistor
  • Ryan Murray
  • Stacey Langman
  • Tamer Kamar

As well, Century 21 Canada has announced the award recipients for 2016.  Congratulations to the following on amazing 2016:

Masters Silver – Minimum $87,000 GCC or 22 award units

  • Robert Caister
  • Dave Gifford
  • Roxanne Johnson
  • Kristine Laufer
  • Kim Letto
  • Donna O’Shaughnessy
  • Dave Robertson
  • Karl Schmitke
  • Julie Whiteman

Master Ruby – Minimum $126,000 GCC or 33 award units

  • Dave Carter
  • Josh Collins
  • Patrick Daley
  • Anna Lisa Ferreri

Masters Emerald – Minimum $164,000 GCC or 44 award units

  • Jason Blondin
  • Dean Bridges
  • Jane Campbell
  • Krista Costa
  • Jo Anne Dean
  • Crystal Edwards
  • Pat Lee
  • Lynn McCabe
  • Cole Murry
  • Ryan Murray
  • Garry Otten
  • John Walsh

Masters Diamond – Minimum $203,000 GCC or 56 award units

  • Ben VanVeen
  • Dave Griffin

CENTURION – minimum of  $242,000 GCC or 67 award units within a calendar year. 

  • Mike Dickinson
  • Adrian Johnson
  • Tamer Kamar
  • Randy Ross
  • Bill Smith
  • Aaron Wright
  • Jessica Yates

Congratulations to all award winners!!

Sales Meeting – Tuesday January 24th, 2017

“Routines are the sign of your ambition.” – Tom Ferry


Century 21 Canada results are out for 2016!!

We placed 18th out of 430 offices across Canada for units sold

We placed 24th in production across Canada

We were once again granted the Grand Centurion Award.  This means we met the minimum Gross Closed Commission of $6.6 million (we did this easily) 🙂

Well done and Congratulations!!

Mark your calendars – February 22nd we are heading to Toronto for the Century 21 Annual Awards gala.  Stay tuned for details.

Geowarehouse Training –  this week on Thursday January 26th in the training room at 10am.  Get familiar with the recent updates to Geowarehouse.

Land Transfer Tax Rebate – First Time Homebuyers – Can benefit from up to $4000 in rebates, $2,000 more than before. That works out to no Land Transfer Tax on a home that sells for $368,333.

This Weeks Challenge

Lead Follow Up

If your lead-generating activities last week resulted in some leads, why not…

Check for new listings in the leads area and notify them of this information.  Be the source of the information before they have to ask for it.

Run a neighbourhood sales report and drop it off or mail it out with a handwritten note

Check this site out:  Allows you to automate some of your prospecting activities and the graphics are beautiful.


For those of you not on board with an e-signatures.  We are looking forward to helping you get on board.  Help yourself and help your clients.  Improve ease of transactions and keep up to speed in the lightning fast market.  Please see Vanessa by end of week to confirm your spot.

Real Estate Board Updates

Realtor Action Network – Keep an eye on what our advocacy group is up to – more info in Realtor Link.

Mass emails to real estate board members – please meake sure you have the authority to do so

February 3rd –  Land Planning Session at the Peterborough Golf and Country Club 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon; deadline for registration in January 27th.  See DMS in the Education Postings for details.


Have a great week!