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Introducing Kya!

Before I get into my experience thus far with “The Salesperson Registration Education Program” with OREA College, I should first start with how I decided to take this next step in my professional career….

It was mid-November (2016) and I had been applying for many marketing / promotions / events / digital / social / communications jobs in and around the Peterborough area. Unfortunately I did not have much luck getting through to the interview phase for many of these jobs. I had seen a couple postings on Indeed for Marketing & Events and another for Social Media for Century 21 in Peterborough, and this excited me!

I had always been interested in real estate – ever since I was a little kid, I would watch a channel we had in Cornwall (where I grew up) that was dedicated to real estate listings, showing photos and text with information about the houses for sale.  So, the idea of a couple jobs available in my field but allowing me to learn more about an industry I’ve always been interested in, intrigued me.

Regrettably, once I got to the website, I realized those two jobs were located at the Century 21 head office in Vancouver (they were listed incorrectly under Peterborough on Indeed).  I then decided to use their drop down menu to see what jobs were available in Peterborough and found a posting for “Sales Representative”.  I read through it and was interested in learning more.  I found a section on their website offering to take a test and discover “is real estate is a fit for you?”…so I did.

Minutes later, I received an email with a personalized 9 page “Real Estate Career Report”. It goes into your personality type and breaks down your 5-star rating in areas like Communication, Sales Ability and Bottom Line, an interesting read for sure!

Not even an hour after receiving that report, I got a phone call from Doug Lytle, the Business Development Manager at Century 21 United Realty in Peterborough.  He asked if I’d be interested in going in to chat with him and I ended up in his office a couple hours later. After meeting with him and getting a bit of a tour of the office, I can honestly say I left feeling motivated and invigorated and asked myself with nerves but excitement “am I about to get into real estate?”

That was the beginning of my journey…and I haven’t looked back since!