Are You Using the Top 5 Online Tactics?

Are You Using the Top 5 Online Tactics?

We all know that a strong online presence is important to staying relevant in today’s real estate marketplace. More than 90% of buyers and sellers are looking for information online up to 18 months before they ever contact a REALTOR®.

So how are you ensuring that your online efforts are working?

Landing Pages and Asking for Connections

Does your website have a clear purpose? Or is it simply an online business card with some listings on it? It should have real value for your visitors and it should also be a vehicle to capture information about those visitors. After all, your goal is to serve more clients and customers at a very high level.

Blogging and Community

Does your site have blogging capability? You would be absolutely shocked at the number of real estate sites that don’t! Of those that do, my guess is that fully 95% or more have no new blog content. Rather, they have a few canned posts that were provided by someone outside the profession and that have no real value for readers.

Your site must include a blog that generates feedback (this is the community part) and gives visitors a reason to come back. Remember, they might be looking online for 18 months before you ever even hear from them.

Social Media

Are you making sure that you’re using social media correctly and effectively? Your site should include links to your social media, but more importantly, your social media should be directing traffic back to your site. Be personal in your social media efforts – it’s called ‘social’ for a reason, so stop posting all business all the time. For the love of all that is holy, please stop posting listings all day long! We get it, you’re busy. But what’s in it for me? Why would I want to deal with you if I can’t connect with you on a personal level?

Mobile Compatibility

Is your site mobile compatible? This is still the fastest growing segment of the online population and more than 25% of online traffic is (or will be shortly) mobile.

Visually Pleasing

Your site must have a visually pleasing feel. Be sure to use relevant images that you have the right to use! Not sure where to find free and legitimate images to use? Here you go: Creative Commons Search You’re welcome.

Take some time to ensure that you’re making the most of your online efforts. It truly is time well spent.

Take care, and thanks for reading!


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*Note: the image at the top of this post was found using the Creative Commons Search Engine link I talked about.

Original article: 5 Online Assets That Are Worth Your Time 

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