April 25 Sales Meeting Minutes

April 25 Sales Meeting Minutes

Office Announcements and Dates to Remember:

  • Awards of Excellence were handed out for first quarter, as well, anniversary letters were handed out- Congratulations everyone!!
  • Social night – this Thursday at Riley’s Pub then Axe Club at 8:00 – please let the front desk know if you are attending
  • May 3rd Enriched Academy – please sign up for this information session at the front desk
  • RVC lunch and learn Tuesday May 9 – draw for Vacation Certificate!!
  • Dragon Boat – who’s coming??!!  June 10th
  • Open House Blitz – running May 6 and 7 – see Online Office for details
  • PKAR Past President’s night – May 17 5:30 at Evinrude Centre
  • Real Satisfied Training – May 23rd and 25th webinars
  • 50th Wedding Anniversary party for John Wood – May 28th at St. Joseph’s at Fleming from 2 to 4


Ontario measures to cool market

Key strategies:

  • Foreign Buyers Tax – Non Residence Speculation Tax – NRST – 15% on the price of home in the Greater Golden Horseshoe purchased by non-resident foreign buyers
  • Vacancy Tax – for Toronto and possibly other Municipalities – this has been done in Camden, UK at 50% and resulted in 1/3 of vacant properties being injected into rental market.
  • Rental Housing – expanding rent control to all private rental units; standardizing language in rental leases and other changes to Residential Tenancies Act; multi res apartments to be charged property taxes similar to residential properties; a $125 million program to encourage new rental apartment buildings; own-use evictions – trying to reduce this
  • Focus on ways to tackle paper flipping
  • Multiple representation rules being reviewed to ensure consumer is protected
  • Working on identifying surplus land to create affordable housing units
  • Creating a Housing Supply Team to identify obstacles to development and work with developers and municipalities to address them
  • Educating consumers on their rights in real estate transactions
  • Providing flexibility to Municipalities to use property taxes to fuel development
  • Overhauling standards for elevator repair
  • Updated growth plan for Municipalities that addresses density and an appropriate range of uses

Post by Vanessa Oake Hogan

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