Daily Archive May 2, 2017

Sales Meeting Minutes May 2nd 2017

  1. Office Announcements – What’s Happening!!
  • May 3rd Enriched Academy Lunch and Learn – great session today – thank you for all that came out and thank you to Arian from Enriched Academy.
  • RVC lunch and learn Tuesday May 9 – draw for Vacation Certificate!!
  • Dragon Boat – who’s coming??!!  June 10th
  • PKAR Past President’s night – May 17 5:30 at Evinrude Centre
  • Real Satisfied Training – May 23rd and 25th webinars
  1. Who do you want to work with – thank you for your recommendations – as you know, we are growing and we appreciate your support on this.  Congratulations to Julie Whiteman on winning the $50 gas card!!
  2. Open House Blitz – Happening this weekend!
  • Please see Online Office for details and marketing materials – your Open house visitors will be entered into a draw for a $10,000 Brick shopping spree – and you will be entered into a draw for a RVC certificate!
  1. New Fintrac I.D. form
  • Con reviewed the new changes to the form
  1. Market Update
  • Thank you Con for a great up date on the market.  You all should have received the details in your email today.
  • Here is a recap:

Some feedback regarding April. We have for the first time out performed last year when it came to listings in the City of Peterborough. April 2017, there were 193 Listings compared to 182 in 2016. New listings were down 4% from last year. Currently the City of Peterborough has 19 days of inventory, an increase of 7 days from last month.

List to sale ratio came in at 111% for the month of April, with the average time on market of 13 days. This number is higher only due to the fact of the amount of holding offers. As we have seen in the past 2 weeks, there is an increase of conditional sales once again. Also the amount of holding offers and generating sales from this is also on a decrease.

After 4 months of sales, we see our average sale price sitting at $364,421. This represents an overall increase of 29% compared to $282,684 in 2016.

Rural properties trends were similar to city with new listings in April of 112 compared to 101 last year. YTD there has been 284 listings versus 324 for last year. Sales come in at 207 for 2017 compared to 222 last year, a decrease of 7%. The Average sale price rural for the month of April was $467,966, compared to $303,381. An increase of 54%. Year to date, rural sale price is $423,851 compared to $326,619. An increase of 30%.


Have a great rest of the week everyone!