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Sales Meeting Minutes May 30th, 2017


Sales Meeting Minutes – May 30th, 2017

Office Announcements:

Dragon Boat donations – Please consider supporting our Dragon Boat Team and the fight against Breast Cancer – Pledge sheet at front desk

Century 21 Lakers Opening Night – this Thursday June 1st, PMC – be there by 7:30 – please wear your Century 21 Lakers shirts or we can give you one there – the more the better – good opportunity to show our support

Golf anyone – please consider joining Kim Letto this Thursday June 1st at the Quarry – Kim is the major sponsor of this golf tournament that is raising money for the Buckhorn Community Centre – contact Kim if interested

To communicate with Gayle regarding listings, offers, inter-boarding etc. please communicate through

Gayle is putting together a list of the services she will be looking after in the new “Agent Services” role.  Once this is complete, we will circulate.

Please be aware of a realtor named Lucas Sheperd.  He has called one of our agents to view a home but didn’t identify himself as a realtor and was acting suspicious.

Topic of the Week – Pricing Strategies

Thanks to Con for doing some digging for us on current market conditions.  Here are some quick points from our discussion this morning:

  • as of Tuesday – 239 listings for month of May versus 209 for May 2016
  • Of the 32 listings sold this month, 18 or 56% were holding offers
  • 14 listings, 44% were not holding offers
  • 2 listings that held offers did not receive offers
  • this compared to the Board average – only 39% of listings on the market had a hold offer date
  • typically the amount of new listings coming onto the market are being surpassed by the number of sold and conditional sales
  • the market is still strong, prices continue to climb
  • Pricing strategies and their possible outcomes need to be reviewed with the seller carefully.  Expectations need to be understood and managed.


Note:  P.T.O. means please turn over 🙂

Have a great week!


Sales Meeting Tuesday May 23rd




Sales Meeting Minutes – Tuesday May 23rd, 2017



Don’t forget!  Today and Thursday at 1:00 – REAL SATISFIED TRAINING – Check Online Office News Feed – Real Satisfied post to register.

Team 21 Meeting this Thursday at 1:00 in lunch room

Techie Thursday – third Thursday of every month – please note we are adding open forum at the end of this session for questions, ideas, best practices etc.

Front end adjustments – Gayle has now taken on the role of “Agent Services” to focus mainly on processing listings, offers and misc. paper work.  Freeing up the front desk to manage the phones, appointments and agent communications.  Chrissy will be working more hours to support this change.

Please note, the Duty Room is being converted to a Client Room to meet demands.  For now, duty agents will have to use computer room until a new duty room is set up.

Market Discussion

Great chat today on current market conditions.  Thanks for your input.  Key takeaways for me were – managing the sellers expectations.  Market has seen a slight leveling off due to an increase in supply and buyer fatigue.  Our sellers need to be made aware of this.  Help them understand the full story.

In obtaining listings – let your track record speak for itself.  Including client testimonials is a great way to gain the confidence of sellers.

Quick Mortgage Update – 2.49 to 2.54 for 5 year fixed.  Be aware that it still taking approximately 2 to 3 weeks for appraisals to take place.

Google Alerts:

To manage your alerts go to:

If you do not have a google account, you will need to create one

Google alerts are a way to measure if what you are doing online is being seen

Also can be used to monitor any topic of interest on the internet

Remember to use quotations around the names or topics you are interested in

Thanks and have a great week.


Tuesday May 16th Sales Meeting Minutes

Office Announcements

  • Past President’s Night – Wednesday May 17th
  • Techie Thursday  – Thursday May 18th at 1:00p.m.– How to optimize your personal website
  • Terry Keating Retirement Party – This Friday, 8:00 p.m at the Junction
  • Get your profile, social media links, photos ready on your websites – the Real Satisfied ratings will be on  Thank you Sharie!  for your persistence in getting this program ready for us.  It will soon be up and running.  Please see the Online Office News Feed to sign up for the Agent Webinars – May 23rd and 25th at 1:00 p.m.
  • Dragon Boat – need more paddlers – June 10th 2017 – See Vanessa for details
  • Office Hours this holiday weekend – open Saturday and Sunday, closed Monday

Broker Council Update – A social media audit was completed and as a result a few changes have been made.  There are social media tools available in the following location in Online Office:

Resort Vacation Certificates – packages available – Sale June 15th to 25th for Canada Day – $300 off any order of a min. 3 tickets

Copy and paste this URL into your browser to get started:

You will need this validation code to create an account:  century21
Please see The Management Team if you have any questions.
Bomb Bomb free 2 week trial

Copy and paste this into your browser to sign up:

Front Desk Updates – Thank you all for your patience last week as Chrissy was off and we had a significant number of listings to process.  Hats off to Louisa and Gayle for working the long, long hours they did.

Rural Inspections – Stay tuned – front desk will be sending out the list – we are going on tour this week.

Thank you Doug for reviewing the Listing Reports in Wolf Connect.  These are very useful tools to keep your clients informed.

Have a great week.



May 9th Sales Meeting Minutes

  1. Office Announcements
  • Past President’s Night – Next Wednesday May 17th – please sign up through DMS
  • Resort Vacation Certificate Lunch and Learn – Tuesday May 9th in Lunch Room – Great session with Lorraine Tillie.  Please see Management for any questions about this program.  Information folders are located in Lunch Room.  Congrats Laurie Bence for winning the Resort Vacation Certificate!!
  • Bomb Bomb Lunch and Learn this Thursday May 11th in the Lunchroom
  • Orea Forms Webinar on Mastering Offer Situations – Wednesday May 12th from 1-2
  • Techie Thursday  – Thursday May 18th – How to optimize your personal website
  • Dragon Boat – need more paddlers – June 10th 2017 – See Vanessa for details
  1. Reminders regarding Front Desk Processes

In an effort to address concerns raised lately regarding front desk activities we would like to make the following suggestions:

  • Consider in listings sending the remarks and overview in an email that the girls can just copy and paste – sometimes handwriting is illegible and will catch spelling mistakes from realtor end
  • Need to remember to communicate all showings booked to front desk as we need record of this as a Brokerage for RECO requirements and to prevent double-booking.
  • In a “Holding Offer” situation-we require the agent to communicate to all interested parties as opposed to front desk.  Sometimes showings that have been booked by agents do not get communicated to front desk which leaves us vulnerable to missing somebody in this process.  We pride ourselves in being full service however this service cannot be handled through the front desk for the above mentioned reasons.
  • Workload during this time of year is always heavy.  We are monitoring the situation.  We realize there is a sense of urgency with all requests.  Priority will be given to offers being typed, as has been done in the past.  Please remember to give them as much lead time as possible.  With listings – those with incomplete paperwork can’t be processed.

To address some of the concerns from the agent group:

  • The front desk will be making an effort to check their work more thoroughly
  • They have agreed to check photos on listings once they are uploaded to MLS –  and make adjustments.  It is helpful if photos submitted could be landscape only.
  • We have also discussed getting agents not in our system to email us to confirm the email addresses.
  1. Training topics of the Week
  • Fintrac Receipt of Funds Form – changes to form were reviewed by Con
  • Wolf Connect – Thank you to Kayla for reviewing these topics
    • How to sign in
    • How to communicate with other Sales Reps re Offer Presentations
    • How to record showings you book
    • How to send an email

Have a great week everyone!

Sales Meeting Minutes May 2nd 2017

  1. Office Announcements – What’s Happening!!
  • May 3rd Enriched Academy Lunch and Learn – great session today – thank you for all that came out and thank you to Arian from Enriched Academy.
  • RVC lunch and learn Tuesday May 9 – draw for Vacation Certificate!!
  • Dragon Boat – who’s coming??!!  June 10th
  • PKAR Past President’s night – May 17 5:30 at Evinrude Centre
  • Real Satisfied Training – May 23rd and 25th webinars
  1. Who do you want to work with – thank you for your recommendations – as you know, we are growing and we appreciate your support on this.  Congratulations to Julie Whiteman on winning the $50 gas card!!
  2. Open House Blitz – Happening this weekend!
  • Please see Online Office for details and marketing materials – your Open house visitors will be entered into a draw for a $10,000 Brick shopping spree – and you will be entered into a draw for a RVC certificate!
  1. New Fintrac I.D. form
  • Con reviewed the new changes to the form
  1. Market Update
  • Thank you Con for a great up date on the market.  You all should have received the details in your email today.
  • Here is a recap:

Some feedback regarding April. We have for the first time out performed last year when it came to listings in the City of Peterborough. April 2017, there were 193 Listings compared to 182 in 2016. New listings were down 4% from last year. Currently the City of Peterborough has 19 days of inventory, an increase of 7 days from last month.

List to sale ratio came in at 111% for the month of April, with the average time on market of 13 days. This number is higher only due to the fact of the amount of holding offers. As we have seen in the past 2 weeks, there is an increase of conditional sales once again. Also the amount of holding offers and generating sales from this is also on a decrease.

After 4 months of sales, we see our average sale price sitting at $364,421. This represents an overall increase of 29% compared to $282,684 in 2016.

Rural properties trends were similar to city with new listings in April of 112 compared to 101 last year. YTD there has been 284 listings versus 324 for last year. Sales come in at 207 for 2017 compared to 222 last year, a decrease of 7%. The Average sale price rural for the month of April was $467,966, compared to $303,381. An increase of 54%. Year to date, rural sale price is $423,851 compared to $326,619. An increase of 30%.


Have a great rest of the week everyone!